Travelling to Monteverde

We took a “jeep-boat-jeep” from La Fortuna to Monteverde which involved a shuttle and then a boat ride and then a shuttle. Mum was “disappointed there were no jeeps but also impressed with the driver on the Monteverde side of the trip because there was no road”.

I thought the travel was fairly decent but we took anti-travel-sickness tablets and they made me feel very sleepy.

We don’t have any pictures of before the boat.

On the boat
On the shuttle
The road
Meg and me
How hilly it was
More hills

After arriving in Monteverde and a slight struggle finding which house was ours, we went to the supermarket to get some supplies.

Then we had dinner and watched a couple of films before bed. At one point we had a moth that looked like a bat inside the living room and James didn’t like this at all.