Travelling and Cahuita

We spent most of Thursday travelling, which started at 6:15am with our driver Marco. This totalled with our travel from yesterday meant w spent 40 hours travelling.

On our journey to Cahuita we stopped at Walmart to get some breakfast and some essentials for Mum. This included some muffins and some pastry things.

Here’s a not great picture of us because we’re tired

On the way Marco told us a lot about Costa Rica and life there. Lychees are the fruit they eat whilst travelling and there were so many stalls selling them on the road. We tried them and they were different to the unfresh ones back home. They were bigger, red and had softer spikes. We tried them and my review would be:

They were cool to look at and fun to break open but the seed was annoying and they tasted like grapes (I’d probably rate them a 5.3/10).

This is from a basket of lychees but on the stalls they just have then in a massive pile

Some of the other things he mentioned and we saw were:

  • Papaya trees. Their growth is limited to 2m so the fruit is easier to pick.
  • Vultures. The black ones are very common with the red-headed white vultures being rare and higher in status. He described all of them as pests as they open rubbish and attack sleeping dogs.
  • A bridge. Half of the bridge on the main road washed away so they just built another bridge between the rest of the bridge and the other side of the land.
  • A sloth, a toucan and a lizard in a tree. These were pretty cool and the top 3 animals in Costa Rica.

After getting to Cahuita we went for lunch at a very slow-serviced restaurant. For drinks we tried strawberry and melon water and milk shakes. Megan says her drink was “really nice and as described”. For lunch Jam had a burger, Megan had riz con carne, Mum had a steak fajita (though it didn’t have a wrap and was not what she had imagined) and I had a pizza. Megan says her meal was “really nice”

Then we finally reached the place we’re staying at 2:30pm. It’s much nicer than I imagined and we just chilled for the rest of the evening, trying to stay awake until 9 so we’d wake up and be tired enough for tomorrow night

“Its very dark and there are lizards everywhere” – James
I took this picture on my phone, though I’d say it’s pretty good.

For dinner we had snacks and James made a feast of a sandwich as shown below:

“Pringles and those weird banana crisp things, cheese and lettuce” – James
Managed to picture a toucan!