This started at 8:20 with a shuttle ride over to collect another family and then to the river. The organiser was very enthusiastic and talkative.

When we arrived she gave us a quick safety briefing and fitted us with life jackets, helmets and sleeves if we weren’t wearing long-sleeved tops.

Us almost ready to go

We then got into rings and had a little practice of moving them by turning first and then paddling backwards.

Then we set off along the river with some parts relaxed and chilled and then other parts more fast and fun.

Here are a collection of photos of us taken by Mum:

Afterwards we got given a wide variety of snacks including fruit, chocolate, crisps and biscuits.

Then we made our way back to the hotel.

View of the volcano on the way back

When we got back we realised how burnt we all were, despite having put on suncream. (The river definitely washed it off)

Then we went to the bakery to get some bread for lunch and had lunch.

We then spent some time chilling and I finished one of my books, whilst Mum and Jam went swimming.