Hot springs

David took us to the local hot springs that he recommended. He told us that this one was quieter and much cheaper than the popular tourist-full ones.

When we arrived we got changed and tried out the different pools.

The pools ranged from 50°C (“which felt like we were being cooked” – Megan) to 35°C. Most of them were at 42°C “which was hot as you started to get in but nice” – James.

James stepping into the 50°C pool
Plant they had
Jam showing how shallow this pool was
One of their signs
Megan as a photographer I think
A massive walking tree
James taking the selfie

We spent quite a few hours here just chilling, though not literally, and we had lunch too.

My sunburnt shoulders
Actually more clear here
Mum and Jam
Jam and me
And Megan
Megan and Mum

We then walked the half an hour trip back, stopping in a souvenir shop to see what random things they had.


On the way it started raining and we put on our ponchos, though we hadn’t had them on quick enough and my skin stuck to the plastic because it was wet. They also made me quite hot when the rain stopped, so in the future I’d probably prefer to just get wet.

The view of the volcano

We also stopped at the Red Frog for ice cream, which was lovely. They had many flavours and many more toppings including much fruit and chocolate.