Travel to Tortuguero

We got picked up from our hotel at around 6:30am by a shuttle bus. They took us with a bunch of other tourists to have breakfast before setting off for our separate locations. Breakfast was fruit with scrambled eggs or gallo pinto (rice and beans) and/or bread and jam. That was the first time we all tried gallo pinto and I kind of liked it. It was a little more spicy than I was expecting but it was nice.

Then we set off in another shuttle for Tortuguero. However, the road we needed was closed due to protests so we had to take a longer route to a different port. Later we found that this road was also shut due to an accident,but there wasn’t an alternative so we just had to wait it out until the road cleared.

Jam and I waiting for the road to clear

When we got to the port our luggage was put into a boat and then we climbed in too. The boat journey was lovely and peaceful.

Where we set off with the other boats
Meg and Jam
We saw this guy on the way
Morris along the river
Apparently my hair is red
We saw many of these the following day too
Jam in charge of one of the cameras for the first time
We were going pretty fast at some points
Wearing a coat and a jumper for some reason
Another one
I don’t know when we saw this bird

Then after dinner we went on a turtle tour, which was really cool although we weren’t allowed to take any pictures (apart from those in our minds). Our guide had a fun accent and called the tour a “tortle tour”. He told us many things about the turtles including the three stages of laying eggs which we also saw, which were laying the eggs, burying them and camouflage. Mum was surprised by how many adult turtles are eaten by jaguars each year and James said “it was good”.

Jam and I in our dark gear. We had to wear long trousers and closed shoes with all clothing dark.