Tortuguero Walking Tour

After our canoe tour we had breakfast at our hotel. James, Megan and I had pancakes which were basically 67% banana. James says “they were alright but too bananary”.

Then we went to do a tour in the national park with the same guy as this morning.

Here are some of the pictures we took:

On tthe underside of the leaf
Stop filming me – James on behalf of the monkey
A llittle blurry but a cool pose
The sloth is so cute
Sloth changing positions
Another sloth picture
More sloth
I would have thought this was just a nut or something but Jam noticed it was alive
It’s got a pretty pattern underneath
These are the legs of many spidery things but they are not spiders as they have antenna and only 6 legs
Spider monkey in the trees
This pretty plant
This guy was very well hidden
Cool lizard
Us at the top of a looking tower and we had to pass this massive aggressive spider on the way up, but I didn’t take a photo because I don’t like spiders
Monkeys in the trees
This photo is surprisingly in focus
Blue jeans poison dart frog
Cute frog was very loud
Jam with his hat up

From this tour we then went swimming.

Trying to take a picture underwater
Meg and Mum
Us after many takes because James kept ducking underwater