The Travel

We got up at 5 am on Wednesday to prepare for a long day’s travel. We got a taxi from our house to the airport for our first flight to Miami. We arrived with plenty of time to check bags in, pass security and look in Boots for lunch.

Outside a plane that’s not ours

After boarding the flight, we began looking through the plane’s entertainment system. During the 9 hour flight we watched lots of films and played games. I got the highest score in Tetris out of all the flight’s passengers.

We landed half an hour early in Miami.

After passing through security we explored the airport for dinner ideas. Zoe had pizza and a garlic roll, James had sushi, mum had a really disgusting spinach roll and I had lasagne. We had a go on the sky train before heading to our gate for our next flight.

This flight started off fine, we were headed to San jose and every thing was going well.

However as we were getting closer to the airport, storms were starting. The pilot did his best to avoid them but 20 minutes before we were due to land, San Jose airport closed. We had to go to Liberia, Costa Rica instead.

When we arrived we had to wait on the plane for staff to come in as being a small airport and near closing time, they were not prepared for us.

We thought that would be the end of our troubles but one of our bags had not come through baggage collection. We later found that it was still in London!

The airport also didn’t have anywhere for us to stay so we had to get a coach to San Jose. We told our driver (Marco) that we were delayed.

4 hours later we arrived in San Jose, but our driver was no where to be seen. We tried texting and calling him but ultimately we had to wait for him to wake up. Luckily people in Cosa Rica wake up early and we finally met Marco at 6:15am Thursday.