Hanging bridges and zip lines

We left our house around 9am to get a taxi outside the Sky Adventures office. This was because the lady there told us to do this instead of buying transport with them because it was cheaper.

We got a taxi and arrived at Sky Adventures Monteverde park. We were greeted by a skink and then checked in and got our tickets.

Skink at the door

Then we did the long walk (over the short one) of hanging bridges which gave very cool views of the treetops.

James with the smallest waterfall in Costa Rica
Us on the first bridge that was pretty short
The view down
Me on the second bridge (length of 400ft and height of 160ft)
The “trumpet tree” that has medicinal uses. E.g. for “asma” (asthma)
View across
160ft high
Jam and me on the smallest bridge of Costa Rica. James said it didn’t count.
How they keep the rainforest wet
Megan aand Morris
Another one
From the fourth bridge (413ft long 118ft high)
Us in one of the middle parts
On the fifth bridge (774ft long 164ft high)
Kind of wobbly
The view
James making a business deal. He told me I wasn’t allowed to know what the deal was.

Then we had some snacks and about an hour and a half wait for zip lining. They made us do a practice one and them we got a tram up to the “real” ones. The tram took us so high up – much higher than I expected and I was quite nervous originally but then it was really fun.

James isn’t smiling because he “was trying to focus on what [he] needed to do because [he] almost forgot everything and was a bit scared”

“The first bit is scary and then it gets good” – Megan about the ziplines.

“Awful at the beginning and end of each line and the middle is okay” – Mum.

“They are good” – James’ very descriptive answer to my question “what did you think about the zip lines?”

We also took our go pros but getting stuff from those will take a little while