Tortuguero Canoe Tour

We woke up at 5:20am to meet our tour guide for a canoe tour. It was very early considering we had our turtle tour finish at 10pm the previous night (although there was a possibility of this being the later one and finishing at midnight, which would have meant less sleep).

These flower for one day a year apparently
This guy was quite hard to spot initially
This anhinga has to dry its feathers in the sun because they’re not as water resistant as other birds (although this means they can swim)
He’s very cool
A picture taken by james
This is a male iguana
Another smaller male
Agami heron
Cool lizard
Its a bird – Megan (it’s a green heron)
This was really gross. The spider was close to the boat and about the size (or bigger) than my hand.
There were many of these in this area
About to find another caiman
This one was tiny
Blue heron although it’s white
These babies were so cute and fast enough to run on top of the water