Changing accommodation

Little gecko at our house in Cahuita. About the size of my index finger.

We had to leave our house for 11am and walk with all our stuff into the town to wait for our hotel rooms to be ready.

We stayed at Splash for 2 hours while we waited and played this dice game we brought with us. I won each time, which was good although Megan says it was “disappointing”.

Then we got to the hotel and the lady at the desk was lovely. It was also boiling and this place had no air conditioning so I wrapped a wet towel around my neck whilst we played a new game called Misty.

All the rooms
Our rooms
Picture in the reflection

Then we went out in search of dinner and decided to make our own burgers instead of going to a restaurant. They were pretty tasty.

We found some lettuce from the burgers on the floor in the morning
8 of the 20 ish bites that I have.