Selvatura and Frogs

I don’t know when Mum saw this

We went to do more ziplining today because we enjoyed it so much yesterday. This time however, we tried it at Selvatura where it had a different format.

Compared to Sky Adventures the ziplines were lower down (although definitely still quite high) and more amongst the trees than over them. There were also more ziplines although they were shorter in length and we didn’t have handles this time but held onto the wire itself and the ropes.

“They are lower than in Sky because Sky is in the sky and Selvatura is through the trees” – Megan

Us before we set off
Megan at the end of the last wire
Jam and me at the end of the last one
Being pulled to the end because we got stuck
Megan at the end
Jam and me at the end

Then in the evening we went to see some more frogs at The frog Pond. This was quite cool because we got to see a wide range of them and a lot of them were quite active after the sunset.

“There were lots of frogs” – Megan

“Reginald gave me a ride over half a nanometre” – James
At The Frog Pond

Frog pictures:

Chocolate frog
Glass frog

For dinner we went to a restaurant and the food was great. Expecially James’ garlic bread; it’s texture meant it was the best garlic bread I’d ever had. (The right mix of crispy and soft).

“Umm, it was a pretty good day” – James