Cahuita national park

We went to visit the national park today, where we took many pictures that I will categorise into different posts based off of animals, but below I will add the general ones:

I like this picture – Me (the photographer)
Camera skillz – Megan (the photographer)
James says “…”
I don’t know what my hands are doing – Me
Yeah, it’s alright – James about this picture
This is a nice view
Walking amongst the trees
Looking for “creatures” and “slothses” – Mum
I’m pretty proud of this picture – Me
And this one too – Me
Something feels off about this one
What is that? – Megan about this picture
That’s a fungi right there – James
This is a nice beach
Megan was looking at me apparently
Very sunny
Its not a very good picture – James about this picture
Your hat is big enough for 2 – Me to James at the time
It’s quite dark
Had to put the camera on a timer
Classic beach photo