Last couple of days

Sunday we travelled from Monteverde to San José. This journey was quite bad in my opinion because we were in a car and I got very travel sick as it was so hilly. I probably should have taken some anti-travel-sickness tablets before we set off but I didn’t plan that far ahead.

“I was surprised there was a proper road because that’s not how the road was on the way in but it was very windy and there were bits missing of the road that had been washed away in the rain so our driver had to keep slowing down.” – Mum

After arriving at our hotel we went swimming and then went out for Indian for dinner.

On Monday we started the day with breakfast provided by the restaurant in the hotel and then we went swimming and out for ‘lunch’. We actually had basically desserts for lunch, which were really good.

Ducks on the way
Jam with his mint lemonade and oreo cheesecake

Then we went back to the hotel and played an escape room, which ended up being quite easy.

Escape room with Jam again

Then dinner out at the same place we had lunch which was really good again and then we packed for leaving tomorrow.

Fresh strawberry

James said the Indian and his pizza at the Moose Cafe were the best food in Costa Rica.

We also tried tres leche, which was quite strange. Megan said “it was like rice pudding, but weird.”

James again, but in the dark giving a score of 8.5/10 for the tres leche

Then travelling back home….

The next day we made it to San Jose airport and we had to wake up at 3:30am.

James asleep at the airport (for the second time)

After our 2.5hr flight to Miami we had some time to kill. This resulted in us leaving airport side to get to an American McDonalds (still at the airport in a different terminal).

American McDonald’s is not that good in my opinion. The burger did not have much flavour at all and they gave us basically a litre of chips.

James and Megan
This lead to a discussion on the burgers being made of past customers

After eating we realised we couldn’t get back to our terminal because we were actual in the local flights part. This meant we had to leave airside and then go back through security in a different section. (This meant we went through security 3 times).

Megan next to the “trash” because its American and her laughing because I’d told her I needed her to be next to it so it didn’t look like I was taking a random picture of the bin.

After making it to the right terminal we gave our spare colones and Kolbi prepaid SIM to a family who were travelling to Costa Rica and waiting for their plane.

Then we took our 8.5hr plane back to England and we were all pretty exhausted. Our taxi driver then met us and took us back to our house.