Horse riding

We got a taxi from the horse riding company and then went horse riding. I wouldn’t say it was my favourite part of the holiday, but some parts were enjoyable.

“It was alright, but scary when the horses cantered” – Megan

James was giggling a lot because his kept stopping and going off the route to eat.

Cat outside
James and Bruno

After that they gave us a tour on how they make sugar from sugar cane, where we got to try actual sugar cane water (we tried sugar water before) and make our own very sugary sweets from the sugar.

Getting the sugar cane water
I wasn’t going to include this picture but James is smiling
Mixing the melted sugar
Showing the change in colour and texture
They gave us banana bread and these cheese and banana things too

“The sweets were very good and the sugar was so hot it melted the nuts I put in mine” – Megan