Travelling to La Fortuna

We could get up later today as we only had to leave our rooms at 11, so Mum and I did some reading outside. There was this cute cat that sat next me and was very vocal.

Me and the cat
Trying to camouflage as a tree

After leaving our rooms we were taken back to the port on the other side by boat and this took around 2 hours. The boat journey was less eventful than before and I didn’t see much wildlife, although still a lot of birds.

When we got to the port we were transferred into a shuttle that headed to an area where we could switch shuttles based on location and have lunch.

This new shuttle journey after lunch took 3 hours to arrive in la Fortuna, but we got to see the sunset on the way there and some really cool views of the volcano.

This is blurry because my window was dirty but you can imagine what it looked like in person

At our accommodation we have two rooms with one with a kitchen. This is probably the nicest hotel we’ve stayed at and it’s right next to a supermarket and many restaurants so it’s convenient too.

Taken at our new hotel
This wwas actually taken at night without the flash on so I don’t know how my phone did that, but it’s a familiar toad