We spent the morning waiting for Mum’s “delayed” bag to arrive, which it finally did. Yay!

Then to celebrate we went swimming in the pool, which was a little cold, but still nice.

This is the pool empty
And with us in it
I also found this guy in the garden

Then we visited the Cahuita national park again with the intention of following a different route, although we ended up doing the same one. We did see different things this time with a sloth and the monkeys were much more active climbing in the trees.

I think it’s still pretty weird that they climb trees
Cute sloth
Looking for something
A pile of snake
Cool flowers
Whatever these are with a spider
Similar bird as the other day
This guy was pretty high up
I don’t remember seeing this bird
Judging us
More monkeys
What is that? x2 – Megan
Them being in the trees was surprising
Cute monkey
Another cool flower
What’s going on in that picture – Megan
James with his binoculars
Oh, wait, no, that’s a monkey – Megan
Finding an almond
They were fighting
Deep conversation in the trees
I don’t know what is in the middle but it looks like it’s glowing
Moving again
He’s trying to ride a bike – Megan
Tiny little snake
Another monkey
Pretty cool bird
Close up
Morris in the pool at night

We also played bananagrams at some point and packed our stuff ready for moving tomorrow.