La Fortuna Waterfall

We spent the morning in the pool and then after paying our hotel manager David, he gave us a lift to La Fortuna Waterfall.

Megan before we set off
“good” – James

The waterfall was beautiful and stunning. However, we did have to climb down (and more painfully, up) around 500 steps to reach it.

James at the top, bored already
Megan the photographer
View from the top
The walk down
An ant on the way down
This ant was massive compared to the small ones
Kind of creepy
Taken on the walk down
The power of the waterfall

After viewing it we swam in the river nearby (you weren’t allowed to swim by the waterfall for it being too dangerous). The water was freezing but the view was amazing and you soon got used to the temperature. There were also fish in the water that were decently scared of people but not massively so.

Fish underwater
Better underwater fish picture
“Woo, it’s cold” – Megan
James saying it’s freezing
“It’s fine once you’re in” – Megan at the time
Us testing if we could take a selfie in the water with our camera
Surprised I managed to get the angle right
The view from where we were

“The waterfall was really cold so I got out quick before I froze and there were also a lot of fish which was kind of cool” – James

James bored again
Smiling after being told he looked bored
Mainly James’ handprints
“wet” – Mum

On the way back up we followed the orchid trail although there were very few orchids flowered because of the time of year. We also did the butterfly trail and saw a fair amount of butterflies and hummingbirds.

On the walk up
The only flowers in the orchid trail
Upside Down in the butterfly trail
Another one of these yellow butterflies
Flowers in the butterfly garden
This butterfly was very pretty
Kind of like corn
Hummingbird drinking
This was taken with underwater mode so has a little red tint
A cool hummingbird
A hummingbird as close as I could get
A different hummingbird
I don’t think we saw this guy in the butterfly garden but they’re a butterfly so fits well here

Then instead of getting an uber we walked. This was because it was much cheaper and only about 45 minutes downhill. On the route we saw some more wildlife (mainly cool flowers) and the walk was quite pleasant.

A part of a rainbow
Cool mix of colours
And just red ones
Ant trail on a wall
Weird but cool flower
This was kind of cool
A cool star flower amongst the berries

“The walk back was quite tiring but to be honest it was alright and didn’t take that long” – James

A horseriding sign
On the walk back
Outside our hotel

“Then we went to the supermarket and had dinner and then we played games on the floor” – Mum

“The games were good apart from Fluxx. I didn’t like Fluxx. It’s just annoying because you get good cards and then people put things down so you can’t keep the good cards” – Megan. I actually quite like the game most of the time.