Spiders and bugs

Photos taken from our house and garden in Cahuita:

James has nothing to say about this
This was pretty cool to find – Me
I’m quite impressed I got this picture as I basically had to lie down to get it
Yummy – Megan
Num Num – Megan
This photo feels quite professional

Photos taken in the Cahuita National Park:

These butterflies are very common
This guy is cool
Ew – Me
Tis a butterfly – Megan
Eww – Me
Megan as a backdrop so it could focus
ZoĆ«’s fav – Megan
Woah, eugh, a grub – James at the time
Its a pretty cool trail
Then close up
But only one of them had a leaf – Megan
That one is mighty strong – Me at the time
A bit far away
There are many butterflies
Bear Grylls would eat that – Megan