Safari Float

We got picked up by our shuttle at 7:50 and then went to do a safari float, which was quite similar to the canoe tour but we had to paddle some parts and we were in a raft.

Our guide, Alberto, was great and made good conversation and jokes along the way. We saw many birds and howler monkeys as well as some crocodiles.

Meg and me
Crocodile head
Alberto taking the picture
Whats Megan looking at?
A crocodile

“It was pretty cool with all trunkodiles.” – Megan

“Umm, Alberto was a really good guide and umm one point we got attacked by a trunkodile. That was really cool and scary.” – James

“Mum lost belief in crocodiles” – Megan

“I thought it was all pretend and then no one could see my birds either” – Mum

At the end we got some drinks and some snacks of cheese and plantain. The drinks included proper hot chocolate and sugar water made from sugar cane. Both were delicious.