Helpful Tourists – Cahuita

At the entrance to Cahuita National Park are various guides touting their services. We chose not to use them as our first visit was in the afternoon when fewer animals would be about anyway. Despite this, there were plenty of creatures to see. Along the trail, tourists help each other. Someone pointed out the yellow snake to us; someone else helped us find the pit viper; we showed them where the boa was and pointed out the bats to others. Whenever a small group is gathered, others approach to find out what has been spotted.

Seen, thanks to fellow tourists!

Unfortunately, this backfired a bit for us when I wanted to take a photo of a flower in a tree, far in the distance to practise using the zoom on the sx70. I gradually became aware of others near me but it took a while to realise that they thought I had seen something interesting! I had to admit to the resultant crowd that there was nothing to see and I was just playing with the camera zoom! Oops!

Nothing exciting to see here….